Who is the American Hindu?

For a long time now we have been thinking about creating a platform for second generation American Hindus (sometimes called ABCDs) to express our thoughts on a number of topics.

The American society which we grew up in gives us a unique perspective on things, while our Hindu values and heritage give us a deep wellspring of inspiration and guidance. We are proud to be Americans, but at the same time we are proud to be Hindu. We believe the two can exist simultaneously.

Hindus who are born and raised in India have some established channels and platforms, whether it’s through traditional media or through the newer digital platforms. There are also many platforms for activist organizations to convey their thoughts. What we found lacking was a place for young Hindus who have grown up in the U.S.A. to convey our thoughts or have questions answered.

We wanted something independent of any established organizations, because we found that those organizations have some limitations which limit what they will publish. So, The American Hindu isn’t backed by any organization. Rather we are a self-formed team of individuals from many different organizations. We are college students and young professionals from a multitude of fields, and in various parts of the country.

We believe that the Hindu culture, whether you like to call it Vedic culture, Dharmic religion, Sanatan Dharma, etc. has a lot to offer to the world. Being members of one of the few world cultures that does not proselytize and accepts many paths in pursuit of realization of the truth, we believe that there is a lot that Hindu culture has to offer the world.

Through Instagram (@TheAmericanHindu), Twitter (@American_Hindu), and Facebook (TheAmericanHinduPage), we want to engage in dialogue and aim to educate ourselves and our audience. Additionally, through this website and the articles we publish, we want to be an outlet for thoughts and to serve as a repository of knowledge for those on the search for knowledge.

To answer the question, you and I are the American Hindu. We invite you to join us in our conversations.

~ The American Hindu